TSW members can enjoy badminton at discounted price on Wednesdays between 6 PM – 9 PM. There is also a coaching session organized by Mr. Bala for children between 6 PM – 7PM.


Members can Make booking requests for their casual playing and can get more information about the club.Tamil badminton club functions under the umbrella of Tamil society waikato, a non profit organisation that fosters the Tamil language and culture among the tamil speaking families in Waikato.

The Tamil badminton club functions as a self funded organisation started with an intention to promote a healthy lifestyle for TSW members. Tamil club is enrolled with Waikato badminton Association and uses their stadium at Dey street, Hamilton for games. All the expenses in conducting the club (annual fee, court and shuttle costs) are shared among playing members. Membership is open for anyone who is a member of TSW upon paying the prescribed membership fee for TSW and Tamil club. Players of any age and skill level are welcome.

 Club Nights

The club night is every Wednesday 6 PM on-wards and played at the WBA east link stadium in Old Farm Road, Hamilton. Members can enjoy subsidized rates when they play on club nights. usually members form a team and request the coordinator to make bookings on a quarterly basis.

Personal club cards

Members who keep a current membership for more than 6 months are eligible for private access cards which will enable them to book and play on any day at discounted rate. The card needs to be purchased and topped up at WBA before it can be used. Members who wish to obtain this card can contact the co-ordinator. Members obtaining personal cards need to continue to play on club nights in order to keep their card valid. This rule is set with a motive to encourage team games.

Coaching for Children

Coaching classes are conducted for Children between 6-7pm on wednesdays at the WBA stadium. Interested parents can contact the co-ordinator.More information here

Terms & Conditions For Membership

  • Players must be a current financial members of TSW.
  • Apart from TSW membership fee, players also need to pay an annual fee for badminton membership which is decided based on the annual affiliation fee charged by WBA towards TSW.
  • Court booking costs need to be paid upfront at the beginning of every quarter (Jan/April/July/Oct).
  • Availability of courts cannot be guaranteed all the time since it is at the discretion of WBA based on the demand.
  • Players must bring their own gears and teams need to take care of purchasing shuttles on their own.
  • The club reserves the right to decide the annual membership fee.
  • While membership is open for anyone, the club can decide to stop accepting new members if there are enough players for the available courts.
  • Since the club does not make any revenue out of membership or court hire, it cannot bear any expenses the players incur while playing or participating in tournaments.


Junior badminton

 Junior club plays at Eastlink Badminton Stadium (Waikato Badminton Association) , 30 Old Farm Road, Hamilton East on Wednesdays  6-00 p.m – 7.00 p.m.

A few words about the coach

Mr.Selvathurai  Balasubramaniam  is  known as Uncle Bala , the coach . He has been playing badminton for more than 45 years and has been a much respected volunteer coach of juniors with TSW for about 2 years since the Junior badminton was started. His daughter Manju helps out with coaching. Their dedication is much appreciated.


  • Players should have current membership with the club. Your monthly payment enables your child to use the facilities for enjoying and learning to play badminton, it is not based on the actual usage of the facilities. Therefore you are expected to pay a monthly fee for the facility, whether your child uses it or not. You may be asked to pay an amount that  to cover the cost of shuttlecocks.This will enable the TSW to ensure the team will function smoothly and fairly for everyone.You may be asked to pay an amount that to cover the cost of shuttlecocks.
  • Making  payment  the last  week of every quarter for  the next quarter  is highly appreciated. Payment can be brought to the person who is in charge of collecting money or be direct credited into Tamil Society Waikato- Westpac Chartwell Branch, Account number 03-1557-0041816-02 indicating your  name as reference. If you pay online, please keep the coordinator (Mr Dhayaanand) informed by sending him an email notification once you make the payment.

Notes For Lovely Parents

Badminton is fun for your cool kids. They have this opportunity to learn a new sport in an organized environment , increase their fitness, get to mingle, socialise and make new friends . Be happy to be a part of the team.

  • Try to get your child on time for play. Currently on Wednesdays at 6.00 pm. Your child does not miss the opening time when instructions are given by the coach to set the children up for the day’s play.
  • Show appreciation for volunteer coaches and other helping members.
  • Ring, text or email in the co-ordinator or the coach when your child is going to be absent.
  • Guide them to show respect for themselves, their coach, opponent/s, referees, rules of the game, other players and mates, helping individuals, and the property.
  • Support the coach, children and any helping individuals in practice in order to encourage a positive and an enjoyable experience for all.
  • Never scold your child for making a mistake. Try to give motivational comments.
  • Check out your email account for updates.
  • If you have any concerns about your child’s play or any observations please feel free to share with the coach or the co-ordinator.

Notes For Our Awesome Kids

Being a part of a game or a team is a good commitment. Here,  you are learning badminton within an enjoyable environment. You are playing, making new friends, learning basic badminton skills, enjoying and improving to the best of your interest and ability in the time you put into this great sport. You will have a smashing time and a pleasurable experience every week when you play. Try your best to enjoy the sport.

  • Support your parents to get you on time for practice.
  • Be prepared to play- clothing, shoes, gear including a bottle of water is the  smartest choice.
  • Show respect for yourself, your coach, opponent/s, referees, rules of the game, other players and mates, helping individuals, and the property.
  • Co-operate fully with the coach and referees at practice by obeying their words, listening to them and accepting their decisions.
  • Keep this sport fun- enjoy winning, use positive language, try to include everyone, do not  become annoyed when things go wrong and try your best- it doesn’t matter if you lose.
  • Express appreciation to your coach for what he/ she shows you. A `thank you’ is the least you can offer someone who has worked for you.
  • Think about other players- Try not to interrupt other players, come out of the court area after practice for the day.
  • Show your interest to learn new skills, try not to miss out.
  • Opportunities
  • Can play in an interclub team
  • Can play in open and outside tournaments
  • Can play in Club Championships
  • Cheaper rates when joining affiliated training programs